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CHARACTER NAME: Speed of Sound Sonic

Backtagging: Yee
Threadhopping: Yee
Fourthwalling: When appropriate
Offensive subjects (elaborate): I'll let you know when they come up, but over all, I'm pretty chill about things.
*No mind control please.

Hugging this character: Approach with caution. Sonic doesn't do the touchy feely very much. Random hugs may be met with various levels of violence based on comfort and familiarity.
Kissing this character: Unless you've already been given express permission, ABORT MISSION, ABORT, ABORT. DO NOT ENGAGE, I REPEAT, DO. NOT. ENGAGE.

However, once permission has been obtained, feel free to go wild with affection. His ego is delicate and he is desperate for validation.
Flirting with this character: Sure, have fun. Stroke his ego, he likes that. Compliment his legs.
Fighting with this character: YOU WANNA GO, BRO? LET'S GO. SONIC IS DTF (down to fight).
Injuring this character (include limits and severity): Anything goes, although talk to me about anything permanent first.
Killing this character: Talk to me first.
Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: I put enough in the bracket spam you should be good, but that's all you're getting.

If something is making you uncomfortable, PLEASE tell me. I don't want anyone to feel uncomfortable playing with me, I want this to be an enjoyable experience for everyone involved. I do love playing me some violence, but only if the other person I'm playing with is okay with it. Sonic can also be very mean and temperamental, so half the time I'm sitting here cringing "Oh god, please don't let the mun take this personally, I'm sorrrryyyyyyy."

I am a marshmallow. I'm not sure why I keep picking up characters that are assholes.

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Monday, April 11th

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Tuesday, April 12

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Wednesday, April 13: The Arrival of Inoshishi no Ino!

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Sunday, April 3

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Monday, April 4

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Tuesday, April 5: High School AU

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Wednesday, April 6

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Thursday, April 7

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Friday, April 8th

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Saturday, April 9th

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Sunday, April 10th

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◆ Acquaintances ❢ Interest ⚙ Target
★ Friends ⌤ Disinterest ☁ Grumpy Cat
☆ Trust ⊘ Dislike ☢ Loathing
☼ Protect ⚜ Grudging Respect ☠ Kill
✨ Crush ⊛ UGH ⚔ FIGHT ME

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The Far Shore works on a 3:1 day ratio, meaning that each IC day lasts three OOC days. Threads for each IC week will be record in their own separate posts, which will be aggregated here for organizational and ease of access purposes.
March 26 - April 2 | Arrival at the Far Shore.
April 3 - April 10 | High School AU
April 11 - April 17 |

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Saturday, March 26: Sakura in the Night

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Sunday, March 27: Getting Settled

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Monday, March 28: Pool Party

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Tuesday, March 29

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Wednesday, March 30

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Thursday, March 31

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CHARACTER: Speed of Sound Sonic
CANON: One Punch Man

GOD: Hermes
POWER: Bad Luck
SHINKI: Ekko [personal profile] chronobreak
TEMPLE: Hermes' House

Hermes' house is a large, three story modern-style building that sits practically right on the street. Out front, there's room for a blue post box with a white caduceus on the front; this is meant as a drop-box for other gods that need messages delivered. Through the large, square windows, murals depicting exotic locations and ethereal landscapes can be seen decorating the walls. Also visible through the windows are trophies, artifacts, and books on shelves and pedestals.

The backyard is where the real magic happens, though. A marble statue of Hermes stands over an Olympic length pool, stone turtles at his feet spewing a constant stream of water. Behind it is a track field, an obstacle course taking up the center.

~ ~ ~
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It was a stupid idea, but Sonic had felt so confident. He had trained so hard, he'd gotten so much stronger, he was sure that he'd finally be able to land a hit on Saitama this time! Just one hit, that was all he needed, but in the allotted five minute time frame, Saitama had managed to dodge and deflect every single kick, every knife, and every swing of his sword.

And now, all because Speed of Sound Sonic had to get cocky and try to sweeten the deal, he was stuck as Saitama's servant for the rest of the day.

"Is the French Maid costume really necessary, Saitama?" he asks, peeking out of the bathroom. Sure, his legs looked great in the stockings, but all the frills and the corset made it a little hard to move. Why did Saitama even have this thing?
Player Information

Name: Gnome
Contact: [ profile] onepunchgnome
Age: 26
Other Characters: None

Character Information

Name: Speed of Sound Sonic
Canon: One Punch Man
Canon Point: Manga Chapter 43
Age: 25
History: One Punch Wiki Page
Upon meeting Saitama, Speed of Sound Sonic states that he spent his whole life training to be the best. He’s a self-declared perfectionist and he frequently refers to himself as the ultimate ninja. Bragging, boasting, and showing off come to Sonic as naturally as breathing, however his apparent confidence doesn’t stop him from comparing himself to others, such as when he watches Puri Puri Prisoner and the Deep Sea King battle. During this confrontation, he notes that both are powerful combatants, but because they rely so heavily on brute strength, it would be quite easy for him to defeat them both in battle. After Puri Puri Prisoner is defeated, Sonic continues to boast to the Deep Sea King, stating that if he had been shown proper respect, he would have left the Deep Sea King alive. While this boasting comes across as arrogance, it’s accompanied by a note of hidden insecurity. He tells the Deep Sea King that he’s happy for the chance to test his moves against someone so powerful because it proves that his moves are the fastest and strongest.

Needing to test himself and prove that he is the best is a recurring theme in Speed of Sound Sonic’s character narrative. For example, when Sonic is first introduced, he is seen sitting in a window sill, looking sullen and bored. His current employer, Zeniru, is under attack by a group of “terrorists” wearing advanced body armor, and he begins to perk up at the prospect of a challenging fight. But as the fight begins, it quickly becomes clear that Hammerhead isn't the challenge he was hoping for. He sighs in resignation, his smile loses its edge, and by the end of the confrontation, it has completely disappeared. He returns to his sullen demeanor as he contact Zeniru with the results of the encounter, and it continues even as he goes hunting through the woods after Hammerhead’s body “disappears.” It’s only when he encounters Saitama and the hero deflects his techniques that he begins to perk up again. Before long, Sonic is grinning in his eagerness to fight, something he refers to earlier in the episode as his “bad habit,” and Saitama even comments that he can tell how much Sonic wants to show off his moves by the “innocent” smile on his face.

However, this combination of hubris and need to prove himself is often the cause of his own downfall. While he is shown to be quite competent and skillful, having easily defeated the criminal Hammerhead and his followers, his pride tends to blind him, resulting in fairly poor judgement. This backfires most notably against Saitama, resulting in numerous painful, humiliating defeats, but more poignant was his underestimation of Genos. Although he ultimately claimed victory (by nature of Saitama stepping in to save Genos before he could strike the killing blow), he spends most of their match trying to out-race Genos, only to lose his topknot to the cyborg. This strikes a powerful blow to his pride, potentially due to a sense of vanity, but more likely due to the fact that his speed is his strongest pride point, and Genos essentially just out-maneuvered him.

On the subject of vanity, oh boy, does Sonic sure love to show off. Never mind the fact that his choice of battle gear is a skintight catsuit with plates of metal strapped to it, Sonic doesn't make an entrance if he can't make it dramatically. Whether it's materializing from behind a pillar in a plume of smoke, or shattering a street lamp's light bulb just so he could descend to the ground in a shower of glittering sparkles, Sonic likes to make an impression.

But for all his grandstanding, Sonic is not necessarily the extrovert that he seems. In the Purison bonus chapter, he is quick to mock the other prisoners for forming a community, saying that “even violent criminals have to respect each other, or communal life breaks down.” He describes the community as a weakness, insisting that he’s different. Whether this is true or just more misdirectional boasting is… complicated, much like Speed of Sound Sonic himself. He cares very little about the average person, as demonstrated by the way he recklessly attacks civilians in order to get Saitama’s attention the second time they meet, but he is not without emotional attachments, though they may be few in number. For example, in the OVA, The Ninja Who is Too Complicated, Sonic befriends the hunter Frank, who watches over him while he is training to defeat Saitama. In turn, Sonic is very respectful towards Frank, openly discussing his concerns with the hunter and listening seriously to his advice. Although he leaves at the end, Frank’s comments imply that Sonic frequently returns (or will frequently return) whenever he has been defeated by Saitama.

And there’s also no denying that he is extremely invested in Saitama - with the exception of the Purison bonus chapter, all of his in canon appearances revolve around the Hero. Fighting Saitama not only gives him the thrill of a challenge that he’s been looking for, but it may have also restored his sense of purpose. When you consider that he is rated as an S Class Criminal, and tie it in with his prideful boasting about being the best, it's equally likely that he experiences the same sort of ennui as Saitama, although to a much lesser extent. However, unlike Saitama, Sonic now has a challenge he can pursue, and while he admits to himself that he cannot see himself defeating Saitama, he still approaches their “battles” with confidence and enthusiasm, refusing to let his doubts and insecurity get the better of him.

Special abilities:
*Sonic Speed - Sonic's main ability is his extreme speed. His movements are often accompanied by sonic booms, especially when he first takes off. Although Genos has gone toe to toe with Sonic's speed, there's a very strong possibility this was only because Sonic wasn't taking him seriously as an opponent. Only Saitama has shown to be able to unquestionably keep up with and surpass his speed.
*Enhanced Strength - Despite his frail appearance, Sonic's power doesn't only lie in his speed. He also has superhuman levels of strength, being capable of dislocating a man's shoulder simply by walking into him.
*Enhanced Durability - In addition to his speed and strength, he is capable taking of large amounts of punishment as shown when Sonic fought the Sea King.
*Stealth - When confronting Hammerhead, Sonic first emerges from a shadow as though materializing from smoke. It is unknown if this is merely smoke and mirrors, or some form of tricky ninja magic.
*Ninjaspace - Look, that's probably not what it's actually called, but Sonic wears a skintight outfit and manages to pull out a cellphone, kunai, and an unreasonable amount of shuriken from somewhere. Usually from behind his back. Sometimes, he just brings his hand into the frame, already holding the object.
Talents and skills:
*Lock picking - While in prison, security guards monitoring him comment about his ability to escape handcuffs in the blink of an eye.
*Wind Blade Kick - Sonic throws himself at his foe and does a front flip, during which he throws his foot out to kick his opponent using the momentum of the flip.
*Hail Of Carnage - Sonic leaps into the air and throws his shuriken indiscriminately, causing massive amounts of damage to the surrounding area.
*Substitution Technique - Utilizing his immense speed, Sonic is able to avoid hits and escape dangerous situations by substituting himself with a nearby object (or by slipping out of his clothes).
*Four Shadows Burial - Sonic creates four identical afterimages through a special movement technique.
*Scattered Flash Slash - Used in a combo with the Four Shadows Burial, the four afterimages surround (and possibly attack) the target at the same time with the ninjato.
*Ten Shadows Burial - Similar to Four Shadows Burial, but with ten identical afterimages in total.

Strengths: Ambitious, Persistent, Talented, Cunning, Hard Working
Weaknesses: Stubborn, Competitive, Arrogant, Petty, Fickle

God/Shinki: God
Why?: Quite frankly, it's mostly just so that Sonic can continue his (one-sided) rivalry with Saitama. As the series Butt Monkey, and eternally doomed to failure, being a Shinki would just be his luck, however, the memory loss means he wouldn't remember Saitama. I had considered the wacky hi-jinks that would ensue if he was bound to Saitama and therefore forced to compete with Genos for attention and praise, but having stalked the community and Saitama and Genos's threads for a while, I decided godhood would probably just be more fun.

Top 3 Choices: Hermes / Kalfu / Puck
God Type: On the surface, Sonic would be a capricious god who cares little for the affairs of mortals. He's mostly in it for his own ego, however, that's not to say that he can't be bought. Prayers accompanied by praise, adoration, and gifts would (at least temporarily) gain his favor, especially if they're witty and clever. Additionally, and especially on finding out that Saitama is also a god, Sonic would happily take on the duties of his predecessors, bragging that they're practically already a part of his nature. What's more, due to his highly competitive nature, he'd go above and beyond in hopes of being known as the BEST incarnation of his deity.

Power: Bad Luck

Writing Sample


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Test Drive Meme: [ A ]


Anything Else?:
I would like to humbly request Ekko as a shinki!

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